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  • Year-Round Lawn Maintenance Tips

    Published: April 01, 2016

    As you know, weeds can invade and thrive in all types of environments. The first step in controlling these weed pests is to correctly identify the weed and then determine a proper control strategy.

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    The Highlands at Trophy Club Homeowners Association

  • Watering Restrictions and Mosquitoes

    Published: May 01, 2012

    All outdoor watering is prohibited on Mondays and outdoor watering with hose-end sprinklers and automatic irrigation systems is prohibited between 10am and 6pm. There are basic precautions people can take to better protect themselves from mosquitoes. Citizens should make special efforts to reduce potential mosquito breeding areas within their yards and within their neighborhoods.

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    Highland Trophy Club Homeowners Association


Published: December 21, 2016

After February 28, 2017 Revo Payments will no longer be accepting payments for our homeowners. If you have autopay set up with Revo Payments you will need to cancel your online payments through their payment page on our website at www.essexcm.com.

Beginning January 1, 2017, Alliance Association Bank (AAB) will be processing your assessment payment. The link to their payment system can also be found on our website or click here (https://onlinepay.allianceassociationbank.com). On AAB’s payment page you will have the following options:

  • eCheck – A one-time direct debit. There is no fee for using this option.
  • Recurring ACH – A recurring direct debit withdrawal allows owners to determine the amount and date of the debit. AAB will send the owner a reminder email prior to debiting the account. There is no fee for using this option.
  • Credit Card – All credit cards are accepted. A 3% service fee is charged to the homeowner at the time of the transaction. Debit cards have a flat $5 service fee per transaction.

In order to use the new payment website you will need the following information: Management Company ID, Association ID, and Homeowner Account Number. All of these are printed on your invoice.

Essex Community Management - Alliance Association Bank
Click here to make or set up your new online payments

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When the distractions of daily life deplete your energy - slow down - don’t eliminate the thing you need the most; quiet, reflective time. Time to dream, time to think. Enjoy the serenity and beauty of nature that our town offers. Driving down the tree lined streets through the Highlands, you will see why The Town of Trophy Club has been named Tree City, USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation.